Monday, October 26, 2009

That's Racist!

It continues to amaze and depress me how terrible thoughts and opinions seem to be so deeply rooted in our culture.
Even if there were studies that showed children of a homosexual marriage were worse off than other children (which there are not), this would be an inappropriate metric to determine whether or not that couple should be granted the legal rights of marriage, but only, perhaps, a consideration in adoption.
As for children from previous marriages, we do not remove children from poor households or from single parents, where they are demonstrated to perform more poorly, emotionally and mentally. So why should that affect our decision to allow two men or two women to derive the civil benefits of a certain legal status?

The fetishistic power of simple words in the hands of idiots also depresses me:
It is very simple, either "marriage' is a legal status, and thus we are obligated by morality, ethics, the law and our constitution to extend it equally to all people of our nation; or it is not a legal status, has no civil benefits, and is purely a religious status, which any given church may choose or not choose to bestow based on their criteria (race, creed, sex, age, orientation, etc).