Thursday, March 19, 2009

√(evil)? what about the √(good)?

Tell me if you've heard this one before: "Religion and spirituality is where morality comes from." Basically, implying that the entirely visibly beneficial actions and logically sound beliefs of most sane individuals must have some supernatural basis.
Part of this saw is the idea that creationists reject evolution because coming from monkeys [sic] means we're no better than monkeys! There's nowhere for morality to come from!
Which I find so very hilarious for two reasons: one is because so many other primate societies are far nicer and more peaceable than ours. The other is that actually, herd behavior is precisely where our instinctual morals come from.

The monkey/ape confusion is just sad.

Even more sad is the idea that religion is inherently more moral.

My selection bias is showing. Obviously the news about religion that comes to my attention is generally going to be the kind that incites attention: the outrageous and extreme.

I don't have a problem with religious or spiritual people. I was a deist for a long time. My beef is with error, calumny, and irrectitude.

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