Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just a couple more thoughts connected to my last post.
I thought about the nature of the compliment this silly man paid to Kate Beaton.
His reaction to her rejection of that compliment was entirely unacceptable (he uses feminism like a swear word, tells her to take a xanax and go back to her coven, etc). But at the same time, I understand the emotions behind it.
I think that if I received a compliment like that, I'd certainly be quite cheered by it. "Hey, your talent is awesome enough that it increases your reproductive fitness in my eyes." I mean, shucks. I'd much rather be told that than just that someone found me hot. On the other hand, I'd like it even more if someone told me I inspired them.
But that's fine. We're all different, and that's something everyone needs to accept. It's up to the complimentee to decide what to be complimented by.

But wouldn't you feel hurt, and taken aback, if you told someone how much you loved their work, and they told you how "shitty," and "disrespectful" you were being?

Again, "A. Dude" decided to be a sexist douche about it, and I don't condone that. Key skill to being a Grown Up? Learning to deal with hurt feelings constructively.

But the reason I started writing this is that I did want to point out that not all women think this is a bad way to compliment a creator:
Exhibit A (video)

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